Beauty amongst the uncertainty.

The night before my twins' 3rd birthday I could barely sleep. The heaviness of our world and how significantly it was going to impact my two little babies’ special day stressed me out. I think I would’ve handled it better if my twin daughter (who has the biggest heart) hadn’t talked about their birthday party almost every day for 4 months straight, prior. Out of the blue she would say:

“Yeah, I can't wait to have cupcakes at my birthday party.”

“At my birthday party we’re going to play games!”

“When brother and I turn 3 all of our friends are going to be at our birthday party!”

For four months straight!

I spent every free moment the day before baking goodies for their special day just like I would for any normal birthday party. I wrapped their gifts just like I would for any normal birthday party. I polished their little nails in special birthday party colors just like I would for any other birthday party. I went to bed exhausted from all of the prep just like I would for any other birthday party. I couldn’t get the visual out of my mind of them walking into the overly decorated living room for their party, and them asking me where all of their friends are. I sobbed... what do I tell them? How do you explain to two three year olds??

Their big sister helped me get them up for their special day with so much birthday excitement! They couldn’t wait for their party!! The morning of their third birthday several of our dear friends & family came by our house and stood on the sidewalk with signs or cards or sang ‘happy birthday' to them. They were THRILLED!!! Of course I fought back tears every time.

During their naps big sister, dad, and I got their treats, snacks, and gifts ready. Big sister helped me blow up (SO MANY) balloons, and hang all the decorations. Once they woke up we all got more a little more dressed up than we usually would for an at home birthday party. I didn’t care, even I wore a cocktail dress and heels. If there’s ever a time to be a little “extra” at a 3rd birthday party, the time is now!

We walked them into their party, and they were over-the-moon excited! They ran through the balloons! They danced! They received several FaceTime calls from close family and friends! They opened their presents throughout the afternoon, and got to play with them right away! We had a picnic on the living room floor! But before we sang ‘happy birthday’ to them, we watched a video. It was a little “movie” that I put together of videos that our friends and family had sent to us in the days before. It was compiled of SO many loved ones from all over the country wishing them a happy birthday. They had the absolute best birthday ever! Their world was complete. They didn’t think anything was missing, and they still felt all of the love from our friends and family.

Somehow these three beautiful little children brought it back to the basics. It’s not about the party favors, the copious amounts of themed decorations, who was physically there... they felt loved because they are loved. To them their day was perfect just the way it was.

©2020 by Rachael G. Photography DBA Catching Beauty Photography

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